Forest River Cherokee RVs

Your trusted source for Cherokee RVs! Find floor plans for this years latest models on sale everyday, at prices you can only get from Lakeshore RV. Our commitment to customer service, quality selection, and unbeatable wholesale prices is what has made us #1 worldwide in sales for Cherokee RVs. Whether we ship your new RV to you or you come visit us to pick it up, you won’t get a better deal anywhere- we guarantee it. Find fifth wheels, travel trailers and more in many available models, including Grey Wolf and Wolf Pack. Browse all of our Cherokee RVs online today, or call us at 855-700-1665 for more information.

Cherokee models available from our Michigan RV dealership include: T16B, T16P, T17B, T17RR, 26L, 27BH, 29U, 30DS, 30F, 30U+, 235B, 245B, 245L, 255S, 285B, 295U, 39BS, 39C, 39FL, 39H, 39KB, 39P, 17BH, 18RB, 19RR, 21RR, 22BH, 25BH, 25RB, 25RR, 26BH, 26RB, 26RL, 27BHKS, 28A+KS, 28BH, 28BHG, 28BHKS, 29BH, 29BHKS, 19WP,21WP, 23WP, 27WP, 215WP, 295WP, 305WP, 306WP, 376WP, and 396WP